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  • Cool Windows 11 Features That May Make You Love This OS

    Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system (OS) over a year ago Yet with several improvements and a free upgrade for Windows 10 users, it still lags in adoption. As of November 2022, Windows 10 had a 69.75% usage share. It was 16.13% for Windows 11. Windows 11 packs a lot of great productivity and security benefits. Here are some of the coolest features in this current Windows OS. Snap Layouts Master Search Clipchamp Video Editor MS Teams Video Audio & Text Messaging Accessibility Features Collections in Microsoft Edge Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Looking for someone in the Pooler or Savannah area to talk to? Talk to us today if you want a non-salesy chat about your computer or I.T. needs. Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system (OS) over a year ago. It was largely well-received as stable and user-friendly. The OS is not a large departure from the Windows 10 experience. But it does offer a lot of enhancements over the older environment. Yet with several improvements and a free upgrade for Windows 10 users, it still lags in adoption. As of November 2022, Windows 10 still owns the lion’s share of Windows PCs. It has a 69.75 percent usage share as compared to 16.13 percent for Windows 11. People are slowly upgrading to the newer OS. But it’s natural for some to take a wait-and-see stance. They want to make sure it’s worth the time to upgrade. Additionally, no one wants to have to relearn their computer desktop. The good news is that Windows 11 has a similar workspace feel to its predecessor. But it packs a lot of great productivity and security benefits that Windows 10 lacks. Here are some of the coolest features in this current Windows OS. After taking a look, you may choose to go ahead and take the plunge into the Windows 11 universe. Snap Layouts Most people are working with more than one app open at a time. It’s not unusual to need to reference two different windows while doing side-by-side work. Switching back and forth between apps can be tedious. It’s also time-consuming. Approximately 68% of app users say that switching between apps costs them at least 30 minutes per day. Trying to size two windows next to each other can also be frustrating. You lose the scroll bar or can’t get to the menu items unless you resize. Enter snap layouts. This nifty feature in Windows 11 solves the multi-app problem. Simply hover over the maximize icon at the top of any window to get access to a snap layout. Choose the area you want for the active app, and it will snap into place and allow you to choose apps for the other slots. Master Search Need to find a document, website, image, or app quickly? Use the Windows 11 master search. Just click the search icon on your desktop. You’ll get a search bar that will populate results from the entered keyword. As an added touch, Microsoft populates fun topics into the search bar daily. Learn more about James Webb Space Telescope, Coffee Day, or other fun subjects. Once you enter your keyword, you can further refine your search. Refine it according to the type of search result you want. (apps, documents, web, etc.). Clipchamp Video Editor In the latest Windows 11 update, Microsoft gifted users with a free video editor. The new Clipchamp app makes it easy to edit videos. You don't need to download any extra software. Image from Microsoft Clipchamp has a lot of the features you’d expect to have to pay for. These include templates, effects, video resizing, green screen, and more. MS Teams Video, Audio & Text Messaging Video calls have become the norm since the pandemic. But not all video software is easy to use. Most of us have had to wait on someone late to a call because they were struggling with the app. Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Teams preinstalled. This gives you a simple click-to-call experience. You can easily invite someone to a video or audio call. The person does not need to have a Microsoft account to connect with you. This makes things easy on both sides. Another great feature of the Teams app in this OS is the fact that you can use it for SMS messaging. Instead of having to drag out your phone, just text someone from your desktop. Accessibility Features Windows 11 has some great accessibility features. They're designed to help ensure everyone can use their computer as they want. Those with disabilities can enjoy these features. As well as those that like the extra flexibility they offer. Four of the newest accessibility features in the OS include: System-wide live captions Focus sessions Voice access More natural voices for Narrator, Windows’ built-in screen reader Collections in Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge is the default browser for Windows. It’s worth checking out if you haven’t yet. Especially because of a feature called “collections.” If your bookmarked favorites are becoming a mess, you’ll love this Edge capability. If you click the “plus” icon at the top of an Edge browser window, you’ll get the collections panel. Add a collection subject and click to add webpages. You can see a preview of what you’ve added, and everything is nicely organized. Collections are easy to access and easy to delete when you’re finished with them. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Phishing remains the biggest online security threat. It’s used to enable many forms of cyberattacks, from ransomware to credential theft. A significant number of phishing messages send users to malicious websites. You often don’t know until it’s too late that you’ve landed on a malware-laden site. Windows 11 includes Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. This app helps protect you from those dangerous phishing sites. The app checks URLs in real-time against a dynamic list of reported phishing sites. It will warn you if a site is potentially dangerous. Want an Expert to Help with Your Windows 11 Upgrade? It can be intimidating to upgrade your system’s operating system. Why not get a pro to help? Give us a call today to schedule a chat about a Windows upgrade. Republished with Permission from The Technology Press

  • Finding the Right IT Provider: Avoid These 7 Mistakes

    Your business can benefit a lot from working with an IT provider. However, you need to avoid several key mistakes when choosing your team. Time spent on trying to figure out the technology you use in your business can be costly. While doing that, you can’t focus on your business needs, which can then result in poor customer satisfaction. This is where IT providers come into play. They enable you to outsource hardware and computing-related services, such as managed IT security and cloud computing. IT providers can also provide a robust IT infrastructure so that you can direct your attention to revenue-generating activities. While there are numerous IT providers to choose from, not all of them may accommodate your business’s specific needs. And integrating with the wrong team can raise your spending due to irrelevant services, recurring security issues, data backup problems, and downtime. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when selecting your team. The only way to avoid disappointment is to avoid these eight common mistakes when looking for the right IT provider. THE SEVEN MISTAKES MISTAKE #1 - INSISTING ON THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY Many advertisers want to trick you into believing that the latest technology will resolve all your issues. While the newest virtualization or cloud offerings can boost operations in many enterprises, they might not suit your business. Hence, don’t let the hype surrounding new products dazzle you. Carefully consider the results your IT provider will help you achieve and determine if the investment enables you to fulfill them. Your provider shouldn’t confuse you with state-of-the-art features – they should guide you and allow for seamless integration. MISTAKE #2 - FAILURE TO CONSIDER THE RESPONSE TIMES Determining the response times of your prospective IT providers is essential. You need to ask them how long they usually take to reply to queries and resolve problems. Be sure to gauge their onsite support efficiency, too. Not inquiring about their availability is another grave error. Your IT team should provide round-the-clock services, including specialists that will monitor your system. Constant monitoring and availability can help ensure you can detect IT issues early. With this, the provider can immediately administer patches and updates to safeguard against disasters. Furthermore, your IT provider should offer simple access to their desk support. You should be able to contact them via email, phone, and chat for instant guidance. MISTAKE #3 - NEGLECTING THE SECURITY ASPEC Disregarding the security features of your IT provider might be the most severe mistake. Teams with improper defense mechanisms can’t shield your system from cyber attackers, increasing the risk of losing data and access to resources. To avoid this, look for IT providers that can protect you from malware and other threats. They also need to prioritize protecting your business’s confidential data, like trade secrets and customer information. When it comes to specific security measures, your IT provider should have features that prevent data intrusions instantly upon detection. The list includes phishing attacks simulations, web content filtering, DNS security, endpoint protection, mobile device management, and dark web protection. In addition, responsible teams should eliminate point-of-sale and network intrusions before they compromise your system. Making sure they abide by security compliance and government regulations is also paramount MISTAKE #4 - FORGETTING THE BUDGET Many IT companies operate under pay-as-you-go pricing schemes. Although this helps you minimize upfront investment, adopting a large number of technologies simultaneously without considering the recurring costs can cripple your finances. Thus, think twice before signing on the dotted line. Research your providers thoroughly and draft your budget with professional assistance. These steps can prevent considerable frustration down the line. MISTAKE #5 - NOT DETERMINING SCALABILITY One of the biggest impediments to growing your company is choosing an IT provider with poor scalability. By contrast, scalable IT teams allow your business to evolve and grow. They can continually extend their services to accommodate your company’s goals, even if these goals change MISTAKE #6 - OPTING FOR A NON-RESPONSIVE SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT Service level agreements (SLAs) hold IT providers accountable for their services. It establishes standards for responsibilities, quality, scope, and delivery time in writing. Without it, you’ll have no way of ensuring transparent collaboration. When selecting your IT provider, find one with a responsive agreement. It can help guarantee the SLA scales with their services while rendering continual improvement. MISTAKE #7 - IGNORING EXPERIENCES WITH PREVIOUS CLIENTS Choosing an IT provider is similar to buying standard products and services. Failure to check user reviews can lead to disappointment. To get a clear picture of your IT team’s capabilities, analyze their current and previous clients from similar industries. Look for reviews, testimonials, and ask the provider for a list of projects and references. After doing your due diligence, you should be able to tell whether an IT provider is an ideal match for your company. However, keep in mind that every IT team is different. For instance, they might be well-versed in the healthcare industry but have no experience working with retailers. That’s why as mentioned, stick to IT providers servicing your industry to get the best results. FIND THE RIGHT FIT Nobody wants to end up with a poor IT provider that can’t deliver great results, leaves your company open to cyberattacks, and causes other vulnerabilities. Your investment goes down the drain, and your operations suffer. Luckily, we can show you a way out. Let’s arrange a quick, 10-15-minute obligation-free chat. We can discuss more ways on how to find the right IT provider for you and ensure you get your money’s worth. Republished with Permission from The Technology Press

  • What Is an MSP (And How to Choose the Right One for Your Business)

    Managing data and IT solutions in-house can be challenging and expensive. That's why many organizations turn to MSPs. Digitalization has forced businesses to alter their operations and make IT a huge part of their day-to-day affairs. Still, some owners can't cope with the change effectively, so they hire a managed service provider, or MSP, to take care of the work. But what exactly is an MSP? Simply put, this is a third-party company you can collaborate with to help manage parts of your business, such as your IT or cloud needs. It provides technology and expertise to boost your organization’s scalability. Working with MSPs can have tremendous benefits for your enterprise. For instance, their profound understanding of cutting-edge technology can help you improve performance, operations, and security while reducing overheads. In addition, they can offer several creative solutions to help you navigate the evolving landscape of the big data world. But the strongest suit of any MSP is usually their ability to deliver tailor-made solutions that fit your company perfectly. Their expertise allows them to analyze your business thoroughly and render their services according to your strengths and weaknesses. Plus, they consider the regulatory environment and compliance to safeguard against legal issues. Another great thing about MSPs is that they can support your business even after hours. They offer support measures and staff to maintain and protect your organization 24/7. MSPs can even tap into your system to resolve issues and deploy updates without going to your office using remote technology. Overall, MSPs can help take your company to the next level. However, you can't work with just any service provider. You need to select the right team for your enterprise, and this article will show you how. CHOOSING AN MSP – WHAT TO LOOK FOR Hiring an MSP shouldn't be a hasty decision. Instead, you want to take a variety of factors into account. Here are the five important factors to keep in mind: FACTOR #1. THE MSP'S TRACK RECORD Prospective MSPs should provide case studies and success stories to demonstrate they're suitable for your business. You can also look for testimonials, references, and endorsements. These will help you determine if the team has been operating for a while and if its reputation is solid. Working with a reputable MSP can give you peace of mind with the knowledge that your system will be appropriately managed. Moreover, you'll feel confident that the MSP will do all in its power to preserve its name. The MSP's success hinges on yours in some respect, which is why they'll view you as a valuable partner. FACTOR #2. THE RANGE OF SERVICES IT PROVIDES MSPs offer a wide array of services. Some teams are full-service companies, meaning they address your cloud and IT needs comprehensively. In contrast, others may help you with different pieces of your tech puzzle. Therefore, consider your needs carefully and ensure your MSP can meet them. Regardless of your service package, the MSP needs to keep up with the latest technology trends. Otherwise, numerous security issues may compromise your company and allow the competition to prevail over you. FACTOR #3. RESPONSE TIME Your network can go down for any number of reasons, preventing your employees from working and your clients from reaching you. This situation can even cripple your reputation, customer base, and revenue. In the worst-case scenario, it can even make you shut down your business. Fortunately, a high-quality MSP can help you avoid this scenario. They can identify threats to your system and neutralize them before hurting your company. Moreover, if an incident takes place, they should respond immediately. They need to mitigate the risks as soon as possible to keep your organization from crumbling. FACTOR #4. SECURITY AND BACKUP One of the most important duties your MSP should perform is to shield your data from cyberattacks. This is critical to protecting your company and customers. Besides, safe data storage might be mandatory in your industry, which is why your IT department could use all the help they can get. Once you work with an MSP, they should recommend robust security solutions and endpoint protection to combat harmful software. And throughout their engagement, they should consider compliance to help prevent legal issues. Another major part of their mission should be the implementation of backup software. It enables you to retrieve your data in case of a breach. Such implementation may involve automation, a restoration plan, and a no-downtime policy. With a failproof backup and security strategy in place, you should be able to run your company more confidently. The risk of downtime will be drastically lower, allowing you to operate smoothly, maintain high sales, retain customers, and preserve your brand. FACTOR #5. GUIDANCE ON WORKFLOW OPTIONS Your MSP shouldn't just deal with cybersecurity – they should also suggest adopting the best practices across the entire tech landscape. For example, they should advise you on various CRM solutions and project management applications. They should also help you revamp your approach to workflow and data to create efficiency in all departments. The fact is, you can yield tremendous results from their guidance. Your team can work faster, collaborate in real time, and be more tech-savvy. RECRUIT YOUR MSP CAREFULLY While price is important when selecting an MSP, it pales in comparison to all the factors listed above. Be sure they're a perfect fit for your enterprise, even if you need to pay more. With high expertise, customized services, and an understanding of threats, a reputable team can help you stay ahead of your competitors. If you need more assistance choosing your MSP, get in touch with our experienced team. Let's schedule a quick 15-minute chat and figure out the ideal MSP for your company. Republished with Permission from The Technology Press

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  • Gigabits Computer Repair and IT Solutions in Pooler, GA

    Technology Specialists you can trust Customer-focused IT management and computer services See what makes us different. Get Started We are on standby for you Are you tired of not being able to get a live technician on the phone to answer your tech questions? At Gigabits, we do things a little differently. Whenever you call us, whether you need a computer repaired or have IT questions, you are always going to have a live person on the phone to help. We are the go-to computer repair and IT solutions company for businesses and individuals in the Pooler and Savannah area. We understand that when your computer or network is down, it can cost you time and money. Dont stress, let us take care of your technology needs so you can focus on what's important - your business or your livelihood. We provide quick and reliable computer service, so you can get back to work as soon as possible. Contact us today to see how we can help you! IT Cloud IT Solutions Process-driven and cost-effective network management and managed IT support services for cloud-based and on-premise environments. Get Started Backup and Recovery Disaster Recovery From cyber-attacks and equipment failure, through hurricanes or other natural disasters – DR needs to cover any possible scenario that threatens the availability of IT infrastructure. Get Started Computer Desktop Computer Repair Today, nearly everything is online – information, our jobs, and our social lives. Our tech experts can diagnose and fix any computer problem you may have, at a price that won’t break the bank. Get Started Customer Service and Management IT Service Provider As a Managed IT Services provider, we will secure and streamline your business to solve today’s problems and meet tomorrow’s goals. ​ Get Started Cyber Security We provide the solution to your cyber security needs. Our experts will help you find and fix any vulnerability in your system, and keep you protected from future attacks. Get Started Security & Awareness Training Our experts will help you tighten up your security, train your employees in safe internet practices, and keep you informed of the latest threats. Get Started Mobile Device Management We offer comprehensive services that keep your devices running smoothly and securely. Whether you need help setting up a new device or want to ensure your data is backed up, Gigabits has you covered. Get Started Proactive Threat Management Our aim is to protect your business from online attacks. With our service, you can rest assured that your network is safe and secure. We use the latest technology and techniques to keep your data safe and your systems running smoothly. Get Started Serving our local community the best way we know how Gigabits primarily works as an IT and cyber security service provider, but we do our best to provide computer repair solutions to our local community and the greater Pooler and Savannah area. We know that technology can be complicated and difficult to understand, that's why we feel it is our due diligence to offer our community the best possible option and solutions for their computer repair needs. We are committed to providing you with all the information needed to make an informed decision while trying our best to save you money without sacrificing quality. We want your experience with us to be as pleasant as possible so we can earn your trust and respect. 10 Years of Experience 4K Computers Serviced 1K Clients Served 12M Malware Defeated 17M Files Recovered We Take Pride in Our Numbers Are you ready for us? Contact Us Submit Thanks for submitting!

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